Marvin Gaye’s family accuse Robin Thicke of stealing another song

Singer's estate also targets Gaye's music publisher EMI April

Marvin Gaye‘s family have alleged that Robin Thicke has plagiarised the singer more than once.

Gaye’s estate and Thicke have been stuck in a legal battle for several months due to a copyright dispute. Gaye’s three children accused Thicke’s transatlantic Number One hit ‘Blurred Lines’ of ripping off ‘Got To Give It Up’, a 1977 single by the late soul singer. Thicke and the co-writers of ‘Blurred Lines’, Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris Jr had previously filed a lawsuit on August 15 to protect their hugely lucrative composition.

Now, according to Rolling Stone, Gaye’s family have claimed that Thicke has also infringed the copyright to another of Gaye’s songs titled ‘After The Dance’ on the title track of his 2011 LP ‘Love After War’. The lawsuit claims that Thicke plagiarising both the chorus and melody of Gaye’s original track, while they also allege that the Canadian singer included a “similar bridge and identical lyrics” from Gaye’s ‘I Want You’ for the “similarly-themed” track ‘Make U Love Me’, although no files have been claimed over that song.

Gaye’s family have also targeted the late singer’s music publisher EMI April, which operates under Sony/ATV, the company which manages Thicke’s output, for failing to protect his songs and trying to frighten them out of taking legal action. They also said that EMI’s chairman and legal representative had accused them of “ruining an incredible song” and stopping ‘Blurred Lines” chance of winning awards at the MTV VMAs and Grammys, and alleged that the story claiming they had turned down a six-figure settlement over the dispute was “planted” in an attempt to make them “appear unreasonable”.

Blurred Lines’ has recently become the 137th single in the 60-year history of the British charts to sell over a million copies in the UK – and Vampire Weekend and Queens Of The Stone Age have both covered it.