Robin Thicke says ‘Blurred Lines’ video was inspired by late British comedian Benny Hill

The notorious video features an array of topless female models, some holding farm animals

Robin Thicke has defended his controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ video, comparing it to the work of Benny Hill, the late British comedian known for his saucy postcard humour.

Discussing the notorious video, whose explicit version features an array of topless female models, some holding farm animals, Thicke told The Times that he “wanted to make a Benny Hill-type video, something fun”.

Later in his interview with the newspaper, Thicke added: “I’m getting all the buzz and burn, but when I watch [the video], it makes me smile. It doesn’t even look dangerous. We’re the ones who look the fools [in the video]. And the women, they’re not gyrating or shaking their butts or even doing any sexy dancing. It’s as silly as can possibly be.”

However, Thicke admitted that he initially had reservations about releasing the explicit version of the video featuring topless women. These doubts, Thicke said, were dispelled by his wife, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol actress Paula Patton.

“I showed it to her and all her girlfriends, and they were like, ‘This is the sexiest shit! We love this!’ They were all laughing and saying, ‘You have got to put this out. You have to!'” Thicke recalled. “But I still have the email I sent to my agent saying I don’t think I should do it.”

Meanwhile, ‘Blurred Lines’ has recently become the 137th single in the 60-year history of the British charts to sell over a million copies in the UK – and Vampire Weekend and Queens Of The Stone Age have both covered it. Robin Thicke’s album, also called ‘Blurred Lines’, came out on Monday (July 15) and is now battling Pet Shop Boys’ latest LP ‘Electric’ for the Number One spot on tomorrow’s UK Albums Chart.