Swedish students build a robot in honour of Robyn

Mechatronics students at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology are using the singer for a project

A group of students at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) are building a robot in honour of singer Robyn.

The mechatronics class at Sweden’s biggest technical university will dedicate an entire year to The Robot Project, in which they will build a live robot inspired by the singer, whose tracks like ‘Fembot’ and ‘Robot Boy’ show she has a penchant for all things android.

Explaining the project in a video, which you can watch below, a robot explains: “So why is KTH gong to build a robot in honour of Robyn? One reason, of course, is that she seems to like robots. Another reason is that she makes electronic music. And then, she also has the ambition to break new ground, just like some of you who might have plans to invent something or start a company. So, the robot will be a celebration of Robyn and people who go their own way.” The project will be completed in January 2014.

As Pitchfork report, the singer visited the students to chat about how the robot would look last week. The singer, according to the KTH blog: “Came up with a lot of awesome ideas. Particularly what the robot should look like, material-wise, and thoughts about different kind of dance moves.”

Meanwhile, Robyn has revealed that she is ready to write and record her next album. The Swedish electro-pop act released the three ‘Body Talk’ albums in 2010 and has spent her time since promoting the songs on the road, including support slots with Katy Perry and Coldplay. However, the singer says she finds it difficult writing new music on tour.