Robyn: ‘I will never release three albums again’

Swedish singer admits move was a big gamble

Robyn has admitted that releasing three albums in one year has been a big “gamble”.

The Swedish chart-topper has already released ‘Body Talk Pt 1’ and ‘Body Talk Pt 2’ this year, with a third instalment expected in November or December.

But the singer defended her decision to release a trilogy of LPs by limiting each album to eight tracks.

“When you do 16 or 13 songs in one go, you kind of empty yourself, and it takes a while to fill back up and have new things to talk about, so I think it’s good for everyone,” she told BBC Newsbeat. “It was just something I felt like I needed to do. I just never thought about selling records or not, making this decision. I just did it for myself.”

Robyn confirmed that she will not bring out a trio of albums again, adding that the move felt like the “jump start” she needed coming five years after her breakthrough self-titled album.