Robyn debuts full version of ‘Honey’ during surprise New York appearance

It's finally here...

Robyn has debuted the full version of anticipated track ‘Honey’, after making a surprise appearance in New York last night.

Despite a snippet of the track featuring in the final season of HBO’s Girls, the singer is yet to release the 2017 track in its full form.

But last night, she made a surprise appearance at a party dedicated to her music (where else?) and treated the crowd to the whole track as she performed a DJ set.


According to eyewitnesses, the star delivered a DJ set at Brooklyn Bowl’s ‘This Party Is Killing You: A Night Of All Robyn Everything’.

The event also saw her performing ‘Love Is Free’ with Maluca  (the 2015 track they debuted as part of La Bagatelle Magique)

Earlier in the evening, Robyn played an early demo of Honey during a talk at New York’s Museum of Modern Art as part of the Red Bull Music Festival, but she saved the finished article for the Brooklyn Bowl crowd.

“I just wanna give back”, she told fans as she played tribute to the organisers of the club night.

Her appearance reportedly ended with a dance-off to 2010 track ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, which saw the winner being invited on stage.


During her talk at the Museum of Modern Art, Robyn also explained how ‘Honey’  experienced a delayed release because she “wasn’t happy” with an earlier cut.

“It’s a good version,” she said.

“It becomes more important to get it to a place where I made it to what I wanted it to be.”