Robyn teases new song ‘Missing U’ – listen

"A message to my fans, that I've missed them"

Robyn returns on Monday with a new song called ‘Missing U’ – and you can listen to part of below.

The Swedish singer shared the teaser on her Twitter today (July 27).


In February Robyn announced that her next album would be released “some time this year”.

The record will be her first album in eight years since 2010’s ‘Body Talk’.

Fans were treated to an unreleased song called ‘Honey’ last year when it appeared on an episode of HBO’s Girls episode.

Robyn told Pitchfork in May that the new album is a “softer” record. She also also discussed plans to tour the new album.

When Robyn spoke at a festival talk in May, she revealed that psychoanalysis has led to her new material sounding more muted.


“The whole process of making this album was been very, very different from anything I’ve done before.

“I felt very raw when I started making this album,” she said at the event.

Robyn started writing the record alone rather than with collaborators, which gave her space to “get in touch with a sensuality and a softness” that she had wanted to explore.