French metal six-piece Rock Bitch cause a storm...

Welsh priests and councillors have teamed up to try to ban an upcoming gig by lesbian shock rockers ROCK BITCH.

The French metal six-piece are notorious for their onstage sex acts and

nudity, and they have already been banned from playing a show in Cardiff

this month.

But promoters are determined that Rock Bitch’s show in Newport Jesters on Monday (September 17) will go ahead.

Rev Peter Wood of Newport’s Summerhill Baptist Church, said: “This is a challenge to the values of the whole of Western society. It’s important we don’t just dismiss these people and their views as a joke – it’s actually very dangerous.”

Councillor Garry Brown added: “I’m most concerned about the young and vulnerable people who might go. They shouldn’t be confronted by this. I don’t believe in harsh censorship, but there are certain standards we should not fall below.

“I think we should all get together – the council, the magistrates, the

police – and stop this.”

Rock Bitch, who claim to live together in a French sex commune, have appeared on TV’s ‘Eurotrash’, and are said to perform live sex and lewd acts with sex toys attached to guitar pedals.

But promoter Mike Jones said: “Yes, it’s an outrageous show – it’s very in-your-face. But if you don’t like it, don’t go and see it. It’s as simple as that.”