Rocket Science's Roman Tucker is getting better...

The vocalist with Australian band ROCKET SCIENCE has awoken from his induced coma.

As previously reported, Roman Tucker collapsed and was taken to the Prince Alfred hospital in Melbourne, where he was placed in a medically assisted coma.

A new statement claims the singer is improving.


A statement from Roman’s family reads: “After Roman awoke from his induced coma (about four days after his accident which was Saturday 9th April in Melbourne), he was transferred from the hospital intensive care unit to the acute care ward whereby his condition continued to improve daily.

“He is now out of the acute care ward and has been transferred to a rehabilitation centre where it is predicted that he will remain for a period of between two and four weeks. He is currently in the midst of the phase known as ‘post-traumatic amnesia’, but it is hoped that his condition will advance beyond this stage over the coming days. Once he’s out of PTA, his rehabilitation programme will begin.

“We are pleased to announce that Roman’s recovery has been continuous and rapid – significantly faster than earlier predictions. However, due to the seriousness of his injury, a full recovery is still expected to take some time.

“Roman’s family and bandmates are extremely grateful for the care he received at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne and remain in awe of their dedication and skill. We would also like to pass on our gratitude to fans and friends for the many warm wishes that have been received during this difficult time. We have in turn passed these wishes onto Roman, which have touched him.”

The band have played many shows in the UK, and last year supported The Vines.