‘Rocketman”s Jamie Bell on the music biopic he’d like to see made next

The actor plays Bernie Taupin in the film about Elton John's life

Rocketman star Jamie Bell has revealed which musician he’d like to see get the biopic treatment next.

The actor plays songwriter Bernie Taupin in the upcoming movie, which follows Elton John from the ages of 17 to 42.

When asked what biopic he was hoping for following Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody, Bell told NME: “The guy behind this camera here quite rightly said there’s a Bowie one around the corner, any day now. It could be called Starman, which would be perfect.”


After saying he wouldn’t play Bowie himself, he continued: “Actually, genuinely, what I’d love is I’d love a Lou Reed biopic. He’s right at the intersection of art and music, and really interesting people – like Warhol and The Velvet Underground, and that whole thing. A movie of that I would love.”

Watch the full interview with Jamie Bell above now.

Meanwhile, Rocketman has made history by becoming the first major studio film to depict a male gay sex scene. The movie features sexual scenes between John (played by Taron Egerton) and his former manager and boyfriend John Reid (Richard Madden). According to Cannes attendees, those scenes include moments of nudity, kissing and simulated oral sex.

Egerton recently responded to criticism of his casting as the musical icon after some questioned whether hiring a heterosexual actor to portray the star grappling with his sexual identity was the right move. 

Rocketman will be released on May 24 and also stars Bryce Dallas Howard as John’s mother Sheila Eileen, and Stephen Graham as music publisher Dick James.