Searching For Sugar Man star Rodriguez ‘to record third album in June’

Cult singer to record first album since 1971

Rodriguez, the star of Oscar nominated film Searching For Sugar Man, is preparing to release his long awaited third album, it has been revealed.

The US singer and guitarist, who hails from Detroit, was the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary released in 2012. In the film, viewers are told of Rodriguez’ backstory, how he slipped away from fame when his contemporaries such as Bob Dylan became household names and his subsequent career revival in South Africa. With this resurgence in his popularity, Rodriguez in planning to finish work on his next album, his first since ‘Coming From Reality’ in 1971.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the 70 year-old said he was looking to record with a couple of producers including Steve Rowland. “He told me to send him a couple of tapes, so I’m gonna do that,” Rodriguez said. “I certainly want to look him up, because now he’s full of ideas.” However, any new album will not be a cash in off the back of the movie’s popularity. In fact, Rodriguez tried to get a reference to his forthcoming third album removed from the final edit of the film. “To me it distracted,” he said. “It almost cheapened the film, like it was a promo film.


Chatting further about his new music, which he hopes will be recorded between touring commitments in June, Rodriguez said: “I’ve written about 30 songs, and that’s pretty much what the public has heard. Musicians want to be heard. So I’m not hiding. But I do like to leave it there onstage and be myself, in that sense. Because some people carry it with them.”

Rodriguez also confirmed that he may work with Irish producer David Holmes on his new songs.

Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that Rodriguez will perform live at a number of festivals this summer including Coachella, Primavera and Glastonbury.