Roger Waters says he’ll release first new solo album for 24 years in 2016

The Pink Floyd co-founder is working on the record now

Roger Waters is aiming to release his fourth solo record some time next year, followed by an arena tour.

The Pink Floyd man told Digital Spy that he is “in the middle of making it now” and that it’s a concept album.

He went on to explain the story, which involves a granddad and his grandchild searching for certain answers. “Why are we killing the children? That’s what it’s about,” he confirmed to Digital Spy.


He also revealed that some of the songs are brand new, while others are from as far back as 15 years ago, and that he will likely tour the album: “I’m toying with the idea of trying to make this thing into an arena show.”


Last month Waters spoke out about the American elections, expressing his support for Bernie Sanders, whilst admitting he fears the actions of fellow democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Waters is known for being an outspoken political activist, particularly when it comes to his support of Palestine (he slammed Bon Jovi for their appearance in Tel Aviv), as well as in his backing of American whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

On November 20 Waters will release a live album from his time spent touring Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ as a solo artist and he also revealed to NME that he’s working on a stage version of the record with one of the writers behind the film Billy Elliot.

“We’ve done workshops with it as a theatrical piece, and I suspect we’ll see it sooner rather than later,” Waters said. “I’ve been working with Lee Hall, who did Billy Elliot, writers and producers, and I think that team will put it on the stage first in London, then New York and then maybe it’ll tour. People have been reduced to both laughter and tears in the workshops, which is a great sign.”