Roger Waters is afraid Hillary Clinton might drop a nuke

The Pink Floyd man is a Bernie Sanders fan (but doesn't have a vote in America)

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters has spoken out on the American elections, expressing his support for Bernie Sanders whilst admitting he fears the actions of fellow democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Waters is known for being an outspoken political activist, particular when it comes to his support of Palestine (he slammed Bon Jovi for their appearance in Tel Aviv earlier this month), as well as in his backing of American whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Speaking to Rolling Stone on Clinton, he’s typically lively, saying the democrat is “a far better alternative than any of the Republican candidates by a long, long way”.

Nevertheless, he continues: “Hillary worries me. I have an awful worry that she might become the first woman president to drop a fucking nuclear bomb on somebody. There is something scarily hawkish about her, and she has that politician look down of, ‘You are never going to get a word of truth out of me.'”

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Waters throws his support behind Sanders in the same interview, saying:

“He’s the only person in the race that I see with any credibility. He seems to speak the truth, far as one can tell at this point. He seems prepared to stand up against big money and the banks and stand up for the predicaments of minorities, the middle class and the working class.”

Continuing, he backs the ‘left wing’ position of Sanders as being attractively against the American political norm:

“That is why I admire Sanders. When he speaks the truth, he sounds very left-wing, but that is because we have been fed this right-wing bullshit by the whole of the mainstream media since the Second World War. And it has gotten worse and worse and worse, and the outlets for dissenting voices have become fewer and fewer. So he is bound to sound out of step, because he is! And that is what is so good about him.”

Being a British citizen, Waters is unable to vote in the American elections.