Roger Waters working on ‘The Wall’ stage show with ‘Billy Elliot’ writer

'People have been reduced to both laughter and tears,' Pink Floyd man says

Former Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters has confirmed that he’s working on a possible stage adaptation of his band’s classic album ‘The Wall’.

Waters toured the album between 2010 and 2013. The tour has been documented in new concert film, Roger Waters’ The Wall, which will be released in theatres worldwide for one day only on September 29.

Speaking to NME ahead of the film’s theatrical release, Waters revealed that he’s working on a stage version of the record with one of the writers behind the film Billy Elliot.

“We’ve done workshops with it as a theatrical piece, and I suspect we’ll see it sooner rather than later,” Waters said. “I’ve been working with Lee Hall, who did Billy Elliot, writers and producers, and I think that team will put it on the stage first in London, then New York and then maybe it’ll tour. People have been reduced to both laughter and tears in the workshops, which is a great sign.”

Asked once again whether he would be involved in any future Pink Floyd reunion, Waters replied: “Shall we not? Let’s not. No, no no. I think the answer is no.”

Read the full NME interview with Roger Waters.


Roger Waters’ The Wall was first shown at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. The tour was the largest worldwide tour ever undertaken by a solo artist and was the first time any Pink Floyd member had played their 1979 concept album in two decades.

As well as previously unseen concert footage, the film follows Waters’ personal experience on the road and the events that led to his own strong anti-war sentiments. Waters co-directed the film along with Sean Evans, shooting the film in ultra-high definition.

Watch an exclusive clip from the film below.