Roger Waters slams “whining” Thom Yorke over Israel gig and poor email etiquette

The ex-Pink Floyd member has a huge bone to pick with Yorke.

Roger Waters has called out Radiohead’s Thom Yorke regarding the controversial show coming up in Tel Aviv.

Radiohead are due to play a show in Israel next week (July 19) and the band have faced requests to cancel the gig, with an open letter recently issued by Artists For Palestine UK – and signed by musicians including Roger Waters, Thurston Moore and Young Fathers – asking the group to “think again” about their decision amid an ongoing and widespread cultural boycott of the country.

Waters and Radiohead have had dialogue in the past few months regarding this much-discussed gig.


Waters most recently addressed the Radiohead singer directly on an hour-long Facebook Live talk with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, reports Rolling Stone. 

Waters said: “We should observe the picket line. Anybody who’s tempted to do that, like our friends in Radiohead, if only they would actually educate themselves.”

He continued: “I know Thom Yorke’s been whining about how he feels insulted, people are suggesting he doesn’t know what’s going on”.

“Well Thom, you shouldn’t feel insulted because if you did know what’s going on, you would have a conversation with [director] Ken Loach, who’s been begging you to have a conversation, or with me, I begged you, Thom”.

Yorke recently had a Twitter incident with Ken Loach where the director asked the band whether they would “stand with the oppressed or the oppressor”.


Waters then went on to shun Yorke for his lack of communication regarding this issue. “I sent you a number of emails, begging you to have a conversation. As did Brian Eno; you ignored us all, you won’t speak to anyone about anything.”

“So it’s that kind of isolationism that is extremely unhelpful to everybody.”