Watch the stirring trailer for Roger Waters’ special ‘Us + Them’ concert film

Waters co-directed the project with Sean Evans, who helmed 'Roger Waters: The Wall'

Roger Waters has announced a new concert film of his recent ‘Us + Them’ tour – watch the stirring trailer for the movie below.

The former Pink Floyd musician concluded the mammoth tour back in December, having performed to over two million people across 150 shows which spanned 18 months.

The ‘Us + Them’ tour will now live on in an upcoming concert film of the same name, which has been co-directed by Waters and Sean Evans (who also directed 2014’s Roger Waters: The Wall). Comprised of footage from the four nights Waters and his band played at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome in June 2018, the film will also showcase the “state-of-the-art visual production and breath-taking sound” from the tour.


You can see a stirring trailer for Us + Them below, which features snippets of the audiovisual aspect of the tour and a voiceover from Waters, who says: “All of the love that’s in this room needs to spread over the rest of this fragile planet.”

“I’m so looking forward to the launch of the movie in October,” Waters said in an accompanying statement. “Us + Them is not standard rock & roll fare, some in the audience may ‘yee haaaa!!!’ Which is OK, but many will weep. That is what I hope for.

“Us + Them is a call to action. Homo Sapiens stand at a crossroads: We can either pool our love, develop our capacity to empathise with others, and act collectively for the good of our planet, or we can remain ‘Comfortably Numb,’ and continue, like blind lemmings, on our current omnicidal death march towards extinction. Us + Them is a vote for love and life.”

Us + Them will be screened in cinemas on October 2 and 6 only, and tickets go on sale today (July 17). You can find out more information about the film here.


The ‘Us + Them’ tour quickly became notable for its anti-Donald Trump imagery; the use of which angered some supporters of the President. Waters responded to those critics by saying that they should “go see Katy Perry or watch the Kardashians” if they didn’t want to be confronted by political messages at his shows.

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