Róisín Murphy denies label Ninja Tune are donating new album proceeds to pro-trans charities

"Those reports were unconfirmed by the label"

Róisín Murphy has denied a claim that her label, Ninja Tune, are donating the proceeds from her new album to pro-trans charities.

The singer’s new album, ‘Hit Parade’, was released today (September 8), but its release has been marred by controversy over her recent statements on trans rights.

Murphy came under fire recently after she posted a comment on Facebook using her personal profile where she criticised the use of puberty blockers – medicines used to delay the changes of puberty for transgender and gender-diverse youth.


“Please don’t call me a terf [trans exclusionary radical feminist]. But puberty blockers ARE FUCKED, absolutely desolate, big Pharma laughing all the way to the bank. Little mixed up kids are vulnerable and need to be protected, that’s just true,” she wrote.

The artist’s comments attracted particular attention due to her long-time support from the LGBTQ+ community and strong connection to her fans.

Taking to Twitter to explain her comment after it was discovered by fans, Murphy said she had been “thrown into a very public discourse”.

óisín Murphy, full name Róisín Marie Murphy, performs in concert at Castello Sforzesco. Milan (Italy), July 16th, 2023
Róisín Murphy performs in concert at Castello Sforzesco. Milan (Italy), July 16th, 2023. CREDIT: Elena Di Vincenzo/Getty

“I should’ve known too that I was stepping out of line. I’ve spent my whole life celebrating diversity and different views, but I never patronise or cynically aim my music directly at the pockets of any demographic,” she continued. “For those of you who are leaving me, or have already left, I understand, I really do, but please know I have loved every one of you.”

She concluded her statement by vowing to “now completely bow out of this conversation within the public domain.”


Following Murphy’s comments, reports emerged that her label, Ninja Tune, were planning on donating the proceeds from ‘Hit Parade’ to pro-trans groups. It was also claimed that Ninja Tune had halted all marketing and promotion for the record.

However, Murphy has since denied this after a user on X/Twitter questioned how she felt about Ninja Tune’s apparent decision.

“Well, those reports were unconfirmed by the label,” she replied. “They have made no official statement whatsoever and they are not intending to donate proceeds from the charity. I checked!”

NME has contacted a Ninja Tune spokesperson for a response.

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