Roll Deep mock BNP-leaked list in new video

Grime outfit make anti-racism stand

Roll Deep have released a video mocking the BNP after a list of members of the right-wing party was recently leaked.

The clip from their forthcoming single ‘Club 7’ reveals the list, and depicts BNP leader Nick Griffin as a cardboard cut-out.

The grime outfit said: “As a group, Roll Deep are against any form of racism, which is why we work with Love Music, Hate Racism and Unite Against Facism.


“This edit of the video for our upcoming single, ‘Club 7’, tries to deal with this serious subject that we feel very strongly about, in a tongue-in-cheek way.

“We hope people watch the video, understand the message and take a stand against racism.”

A list of members of the BNP were leaked on a blog last week.