Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever share new song ‘Falling Thunder’

Their album 'Sideways to New Italy' is out next month

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have shared another preview of forthcoming album ‘Sideways to New Italy’ with new single ‘Falling Thunder’.

It’s the third song the Australian band have released from the album thus far, following singles ‘She’s There’ and ‘Cars in Space’.

Listen to ‘Falling Thunder’ below:


‘Sideways to New Italy’, their second album, will follow the Melbourne quintet’s 2018 full-length debut ‘Hope Downs’. It will be released June 5 via Sub Pop/Ivy League.

Taking its name from the small regional town where drummer Marcel Tussie is from, the album sees the band examine notions of place and their own personal geographies after a long period on the road touring behind ‘Hope Downs’.

Per a press statement, the band found inspiration in the idea of “people trying to find home somewhere alien”.

“I felt completely rudderless on tour,” the band’s Fran Keaney explained upon the album’s announcement.


“It’s fun but you get to a point where you’re like, ‘Who am I anymore?’ You feel like you’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. And no one in particular.”

Guitarist and vocalist Joe Russo echoed Keaney’s sentiments, saying, “We saw a lot of the world, which was such a privilege, but it was kind of like looking through the window at other people’s lives, and then also reflecting on our own.”