The star admits on three separate occasions that the Irish popsters won't be working together again...

RONAN KEATING admitted that BOYZONE will not be working together in future on three occasions last weekend.

Speaking during TV interviews on Michael Parkinson’s BBC talk show on Saturday (April 21), live from the stage the same night at G.A.Y. club night at London Astoria and again the following day on ‘Top Of The Pops Plus’, the star said it was all over.

He told Parkinson: “A lot has gone on and I haven’t talked to the guys in quite a while. So to be really honest, I don’t think anything’s going to happen with the band.”


During the ‘Top Of The Pops Plus’ interview, he said it was a shame that jealousy appeared to have eaten into the group, and it no longer looked like they would be getting back together.

Fellow Boyzone member Mikey Graham, who pulled his forthcoming UK tour last week after collapsing with exhaustion, has said in a radio interview that the rest of the group were “upset” with Keating because he “doesn’t phone, he doesn’t call, he doesn’t write. He’s just looking in a different direction… it took five people to make Boyzone and five people to make Ronan Keating.”

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