The Boyzone star's second solo effort looks likely to eclipse the rest of the new releases...

Busta Rhymes, Pearl Jam, solo BOYZONE star RONAN KEATING and CHRISTINA AGUILERA are among the artists releasing singles this week, with KEATING looking favourite to get the highest new entry next weekend.

Ronan Keating releases his second solo single ‘Life’s A Rollercoaster’ today (July 10), which is co-written by ex-New Radicals vocalist Gregg Alexander.

Keating‘s greatest competition arguably comes from US pop sensation Christina Aguilera‘s new single ‘I Turn To You’, which is released through BMG.


A spokesperson for HMV told that they expected Ronan Keating to be the best-selling new release of the week, probably debuting at number one. He said: “There are a few potential big sellers but Ronan Keating and Christina Aguilera stand out. If I was a betting man I’d put my money on Keating getting the highest new entry because of his huge and loyal fanbase, and he recently did the Party In The Park and he has had a lot of airplay, which will boost sales.”

Other notable single releases come from Busta Rhymes‘ comeback single ‘Get Out’, which is released through East West. A spokesperson for the rapper previously told that hopes were high for a top ten placing, but HMV were not too sure. Their spokesperson continued: “It’ll do well, but it won’t be a top seller. Same can be said for Pearl Jam. They both have a loyal fanbase but I doubt the pair will cross over in the same way”.

Indie favourites Clinic also release ‘Distortions’ today through Domino, and De La Soul and Redman release ‘Oooh’ through Tommy Boy.