All right, he may be Westlife's boss, but they're queueing up to have a go, biased or unbiased...

BOYZONE’S RONAN KEATING has been drawn into this week’s hot topic of conversation in pop – the SPICE GIRLS debate.

Echoing the thoughts of many fans, the normally gentleman-like Ronan slags down the Girls’ new material, letting rip with the controversial opinion “It’s really R&B sounding. I’m not sure if I like that, to be honest.”

Ronan, whose managerial talents have already

propelled Westlife to Number One on various

occasions, offers the unbiased view that: “I thought that

the Spice Girls were the Spice Girls

because of songs like `Wannabe’. That’s who they are,

they should have stuck to that.”

Reformed pop star Keating also distances himself

from music that he sees as “cheesy”, adding: “There are some really

dodgy bands out there. Some really cheesy music. People probably think

I was part of that for a while, but not any more.”