DJ Suv also reveals he's got two individual projects on the go...

DJ SUV has revealed details about the forthcoming REPRAZENT album, due to be released later this year.

Speaking from Santiago, Chile, where he was playing a live set at the invite of the British Council, Suv said the album is nearly finished and is a more collaborative effort that previous opuses 1997’s ‘New Forms’ and last year’s ‘In The Mode’.

He added: “This time we’ve made a lot of tunes together. Everyone made more of this third album because we’ve been touring a lot. When we tour and play live, we jam and make up new songs and a lot of them have the vibes we’ve been getting from the different countries we go to.”

Suv added that Reprazent have toured both Australia and the United States this year and those jaunts have fed back into the recording process.

He also revealed that he has two individual projects on the go – Desert Rose and Reel Time. The former mixes drum’n’bass with Spanish flamenco, South American salsa and music from India and Marrakesh. Reel Time is less experimental, and includes collaborations with a number of MCs. Albums under both aliases are due in the coming months.