Roof actually breaks while Limp Bizkit play ‘Break Stuff’ – before rainwater breaks their gear


Limp Bizkit‘s recent headline set at the UK’s Boomtown Festival saw the roof of the stage collapse while they were playing the song ‘Break Stuff’ – damaging guitarist Wes Borland’s pedal board in the process. Watch footage of the incident below.

The nu-metal icons were performing the breakdown of their 2000 hit single from the seminal rock album ‘Significant Other’ in Winchester, England, when the adverse weather started to take effect. The roof then caved in before a downpour of water covered Borland’s pedalboard.

“Aww, shit!” laughed Fred Durst. “The pedalboard is gonna go out right now.”


Speaking at the end of the set, Durst added: “Unfortunately, the guitar rig just blew up. On that note, I’d like to say how grateful I am, because tonight, genuinely, was fucking incredible. Thank you so much.”

Borland later kept fans up to speed with progress on the recovery of his gear.

“This is what a pedalboard looks like when it rains all day and the ceiling of the stage you’re playing breaks open and a jacuzzi amount of water gets dumped on top of you on the second to last song of your set,” he wrote on Instagram.


Meanwhile, Durst has been hard at work directing a new movie starring John Travolta.

“It was maybe my favourite experience I’ve had.” said Travolta of his work on the film Moose, descriving Durst as “so generous” and “such an artist”.

“He allowed me to create a character that no one else would allow,” he continued. “It’s really a wild character and I felt very free to do that.”