The band use the example of the Mac's classic 'Rumours' LP as a template for the follow-up to 'Things Fall Apart'...

Rap collective THE ROOTS have completed seven songs for their new album, but have warned the record is not likely to be released until summer 2002.

Speaking to MTV news, rapper ?uestlove compared the follow-up to ’99s ‘Things Fall Apart’ to Fleetwood Mac‘s ‘Rumours’ album.

He said: “This is slowly looking like Fleetwood Mac‘s ‘Rumours’. If you’re familiar with ‘Rumours’, … ( Fleetwood Mac) basically use (music) to communicate with each other. Their anger, so to speak. As a unit, we’re tighter than ever, but this album is probably the most therapeutic shit we’ve ever done. Direction-wise, we’re trying to rewrite what we’re about.”


The group hope to record five more tracks for the record, which had a working titled of ‘Introducing the Roots’.

He continued: “We might switch it to ‘Phrenology’. It’s not a definite. When the songs gel together and we have some sort of concept to it, that’s when the title process comes in.”