Questlove tells of years-long attempts to taste Patti LaBelle’s cooking in new animated video

Drummer promised a not-forthcoming meal back in 1998

In a new animated series produced by OkayPlayer, The Roots drummer Questlove has told the epic tale of his years-long attempts to taste Patti LaBelle’s famous soul food after the singer promised she’d cook the band a hearty meal back in 1998. Click above to watch.

The piece, created by illustrator and animator Hectah, features the producer recalling the story of meeting Labelle at an awards show where he was promised his band would be invited over for a dinner of fried chicken and potato salad, plus a pancake breakfast the following morning.

Warned by DJ Jazzy Jeff that he too was promised a not-forthcoming taste of LaBelle’s cooking years earlier, Quest embarks on a long pursuit that includes many a scheme to claim the elusive meal.

Questlove was recently in the news having contributed to D’Angelo’s album ‘Black Messiah’ – the singer’s first new LP in 14 years. “It’s a passion project, and it’s everything,” Questlove said upon the record’s release. “I don’t really want to give a hyperbolic or grandiose statement, but it’s everything. It’s beautiful, it’s ugly, it’s truth, it’s lies. It’s everything.”