The fruits of Chali 2Na's link-up with Roots Manuva will probably surface later in the year...

JURASSIC 5 MC CHALI 2NA has collaborated with ROOTS MANUVA on new material, which will most likely be released later this year.

In a post on the California-based rap group’s official site, Roots Manuva recording a couple of tunes that came out hot!!!!!! Be on the look out for it summer 2001.”

The post is under the heading “2NAMANUVA”, although there is no specification as to what form the collaborations will be released in when they hit the shops, or what moniker they will be released under.


In other Jurassic news, the group has announced two upcoming dates in New York, on April 23 and 24, at the Bowery Ballroom. Tickets for the shows are currently available online through [url=]

Finally, in an earlier post on the group’s site, MC Akil responded to a fan’s inquiry as to when more new Jurassic 5 material would be available, by replying, “September or October of this year, God willing.”


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