Rosalía hits back at “disgusting” artist who shared Photoshopped nude photos of her

“To do it for four more plays is embarrassing”

Rosalía has hit back at an artist who shared photoshopped nude photos of her online, describing the incident as “disgusting”.

The singer-songwriter took to social media to vent her apparent frustration towards the Spanish artist JC Reyes, following him posting photoshopped images of her naked on his social media platforms.

“Ir a buscar clout faltando el respeto y sexualizando a alguien es un tipo d violencia y da asco pero hacerlo por 4 plays de + lo q da es pena,” she wrote yesterday (May 23) on her Twitter page. When translated to English, the statement reads: “Looking for clout by disrespecting and sexualising someone is a type of violence and it’s disgusting, but to do it for four more plays is embarrassing.”


As per reports, the photos were shared by Reyes — or somebody with access to his account — on his Instagram stories, and seemed to be altered versions of images that the ‘Despechá’ singer had taken and shared of herself previously.

Shortly after being posted, the updates were removed from Reye’s Instagram Stories, although he did seem to brag about the incident in a following live video.

“I can’t be posting photos of a woman who sends that to me. That would be shameless,” he said, suggesting that he was sent the images by Rosaliá (as translated to English by Rolling Stone). “I was just thinking about how bad she felt. It wasn’t for her to get so upset about it.”

In a subsequent video on his Instagram Stories, he sang a rendition of Anuel AA, DJ Luian, and Mambo Kingz’s song ‘Mas Rica Que Ayer’ and tagged the pop star’s fiancé Rauw Alejandro. “¿Será que Rauw la dejó?” he sang, altering the original lyrics (Translation: “Could it be that Rauw left her?”).

In other Rosaliá news, last month the Spanish singer took to the stage for a set at this year’s Coachella. While performing during the Saturday night slot (April 15), she brought out Alejandro. Here the two performed ‘Vampiros’ and ‘Beso’ — tracks taken from their joint EP ‘RR’.


The two also announced their engagement in the music video of the latter, following them coming public with the relationship in 2021.

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