Emmy Kate and Marie talk about their new post-Kenickie band...

Ex-Kenickie girls Emmy-Kate Montrose and Marie Du Santiago are back with a new band called Rosita.

The five-piece band also features former Kenickie keyboard player Dot Allan, du Santiago‘s flatmate Matt McGinn on guitar and another friend, Paddy Pultzer, on drums. The girls will share vocal duties, with du Santiago also playing guitar and Montrose playing bass.

Du Santiago rang NME to say the band had written a number of songs and they would be releasing new material in the first half of this year, with UK dates to be arranged at the same time.


Asked to explain the band’s sound, du Santiago said: “Obviously, there’s going to be a common thread seeing as we were in Kenickie, but I think we’re very different. We’re still tuneful and we’re still very pop and we’ve got lots of big choruses. But we’re better – we’re the best!”

The band have already done demos for their publishers MCA and are currently in negotiations with a couple of labels with a view to getting a record deal.

“We’re really excited,” she continued. “We just can’t wait to get some records out and get touring again!”

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Asked to explain the name ‘Rosita’, du Santiago said: “We were thinking of one for ages. It’s so easy to come up with something like ‘Corn Plaster’, but we wanted something more exotic. ‘Rosita’ is quite feminine, but not girly. It’s a Spanish girl’s name, basically.”

Kenickie split onstage in October last year, and later blamed “music industry scumbags” for their demise. The break-up was amicable. Lead singer Lauren Laverne and her brother Johnny X – the former Kenickie drummer and guitarist – are also in a new band, called Chris. Lauren plays bass, with Johnny on guitar. The band have already recorded a host of tracks and are to release a single later this year, title to be confirmed, on a French label called Bax Castille.

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