Tune in tonight for a free panel on ‘music in the climate crisis’

Music Declares Emergency and Rough Trade ask the industry: How can record labels, record stores, and artists respond to the climate crisis?

Tonight (Wednesday April 21) Rough Trade and Music Declares Emergency will be teaming up to presents a free panel called Music in the Climate Crisis.

The panel is part of Music Declares Emergency’s No Music On A Dead Planet campaign for Turn Up The Volume Week – calling upon the music industry to “reinforce its commitment to action on the climate emergency.” The campaign will run throughout the week, including Earth Day on April 22.

Tonight, a free online webinar will pose the question: ‘How can record labels, record stores, and artists respond to the climate crisis?’ Speakers include artist and composer Hannah Peel, James Stafford from KEY Production, Rough Trade’s Stephen Godfroy and Thris Tian from Worldwide FM, with the event chaired by Full Time Hobby’s Nigel Adams.


“After this past year, we have an opportunity to collectively respond to the climate crisis,” Peel told NME. “For the first time, a wide-open door to look at ways, big and small to improve the way we work, produce and tour. Very excited to join this panel and talk about what changes are being made – find a way forward that feels realistic for us all.”

The panel begins at 7pm BST with free tickets available here.

Foals at the Mercury Prize 2019

No Music On A Dead Planet has been backed by the likes of Billie Eilish and Foals as well as having shirts designed by Thom Yorke, Joy Division artist Peter Saville and others. This week also has also seen The Bad Seeds‘ Jim Sclavunos and Fontaines D.C. speak out in support of Music Declares Emergency.

“The conflicts we have now will pale in comparison to the ones we will have in 50 years if climate change is not averted as much as we can,” Fontaines D.C. bassist Conor Deegan told NME. “There will be a refugee crisis the likes of which the planet has never seen before due to rising sea levels, desertification, and war.

“Fresh water will become the new petrodollar as the earth dries up and crops cease to yield the way they once did. And the people who are in power, who are stopping the government legislating any of this, will not be affected at all.


“It will be the billionaires who survive all this, along with the tardigrades. And the rest of us will have no future.”

For more information on the Music Declares Emergency Turn Up The Volume campaign and this week’s events visit here.