Marie Fredriksson is diagnosed after collapsing at her Stockholm home...

MARIE FREDRIKSSON, one half of top-selling Swedish pop act ROXETTE, has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The singer fainted at her Stockholm home last week (September 11) and was taken to hospital. Several tests and X-rays were performed in order to establish what caused her fainting.

A posting on the official Roxette website reads:

“The results of these tests now shows that Marie has a small tumour in the back of her head. More tests have to be performed before proper treatment can be determined. Information will be given when information is available and of course we are hoping for a positive process.

“Marie is currently at home and under the circumstances in good spirits but it is of course a delicate procedure that lies ahead. On behalf of Marie and her family we kindly ask for respect of their privacy so that Marie, with the support of friends and family can proceed with her treatment and quick recovery.”

The group scored their biggest hit in 1991 with ‘Joyride’ and have enjoyed considerable success in the US and Europe since.