The ex-member says the motives behind the comeback leave a "bad taste"...

BRIAN ENO has criticised the reformation of ROXY MUSIC, saying the motives behind it leave a “bad taste”.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Eno, who left the band in 1973, said Roxy Music is “history” to him.

He said: “I’m not interested anymore. I mean, it’s obvious why it’s being done. Why does anyone have a reunion? They’ve suddenly been fired up with a whole bunch of incredible new ideas that have been lying dormant for the last 25 years? I just don’t like the idea. It leaves a bad taste.”

After Eno left the band he embarked on a successful solo career as musician and producer. Roxy Music continued until the early ’80s, when mainman Bryan Ferry left the band to persue a solo career.

Roxy Music announced their reformation last month. The reformed group will feature Ferry alongside saxophonist Andy Mackay and guitarist Phil Manzanera. Their last tour was in 1983.