Royal Blood issue update on second album: ‘The ideas are all in our brains’

Mike Kerr describes new song 'Hook, Line And Sinker' as the 'weirdest song' written for next record

Royal Blood have spoken about the progress of their next album, confirming that they’ve stopped touring for the moment to concentrate on the follow-up to their self-titled debut.

“We did a lot of touring and now we’re done,” frontman Mike Kerr told Gigwise at the Q Awards on Monday (October 19), adding that they will now enjoy a brief period of “hibernation” before heading back to the studio.

When asked what ambitions the band had for their next LP, Kerr said that the ideas were currently “all in my brain”.

The band also discussed new track ‘Hook, Line And Sinker’, which they played live at Reading Festival in late August. Kerr said: “I think that song came about a few months before Reading. We were so desperate to play it, so we did. The writing process really has just begun. Maybe that’s like, the weirdest song on the record, I don’t know yet – it’s hard to say.”

Watch the full video interview below. Royal Blood picked up the Best Live Act award at yesterday’s ceremony.

Royal Blood recently spoke to NME about how they turned their tourbus into a temporary studio.

“I built a studio in the back of our bus,” Kerr said. “It’s very hard to write when everything keeps falling over because the driver’s taken a massive corner. It was our writing den – we’d have Clint Eastwood movies playing with the volume down.”

NMEJordan Hughes/NME

The band also talked about writing a similar album to the debut, telling Mark Beaumont that they “don’t need to reinvent the wheel”, adding that they’ll be operating on a similar budget and with similar instruments to the debut release.

It might be a little while before the album sees the light of day, though, with Kerr explaining that the next album will be released “when it sounds amazing”, rather than on any particular timeline.