Royal Blood discuss Robert Plant, Jack White and Jeff Buckley influence

Frontman Mike Kerr has said that Buckley is 'untouchable'

Royal Blood have discussed the influence of Robert Plant, Jack White and Jeff Buckley on their music.

Speaking to Drowned In Sound, frontman Mike Kerr of the duo said the three men are his favourite singers. “Robert Plant, vocally, is a big influence because I hear so much of him in my other two favourite singers, White and Jeff Buckley,” he said. “It’s quite interesting how different Buckley’s voice is from White’s, yet they both point towards the same person. They’re all so different, but there are so many different ways of singing in Robert Plant’s voice; he seems to accommodate every song differently.”

He added that Buckley is “untouchable”, saying: “But I take more inspiration from Buckley’s delivery and his choices rather than lyrically. He is, as far as I’m concerned, quite untouchable as far as lyrics and writing go, there’s no one that writes like him.”

The band will release their self-titled debut album on August 25. It will feature the singles ‘Figure It Out’, ‘Out Of The Black’, ‘Little Monster’ and ‘Come On Over’. Royal Blood recently suggested, tongue-in-cheek, to NME that Sting will appear on track three of their album.

Speaking to NME previously about the album, the band said that they wanted it to “sound bigger than two people”. Kerr commented: “Any two-piece fear things sounding the same. And that’s something that we were very conscious of at the beginning. But I think the way we’ve been writing and recording, we didn’t do it all in one. We’d do three or four tracks, and then we’d go in and record, and that was over the course of a year where I think we were really developing what the band was and some of the sounds we were using.”