Royal Blood debut brand new song ‘Hook Line And Sinker’ at Reading Festival

Frontman Mike Kerr said he might 'shit himself' over size of crowd

Royal Blood aired brand new song ‘Hook Line And Sinker’ during their Reading Festival set.

The Brighton duo, playing between Alexisonfire and Bring Me The Horizon, played the track halfway through a thunderous Main Stage performance.

Introducing it, frontman Mike Kerr said, “We were talking backstage earlier and wondering if you guys would mind us playing a new song.” Built on a sludgy bass riff and a pounding rhythm from drummer Ben Thatcher, the track featured a falsetto chorus in which Kerr sang “Say my name again/ You’re caught in the middle”.

NMEJordan Hughes/NME

The set opened with noisy versions of ‘Come On Over’, ‘You Can Be So Cruel’ and ‘Figure It Out’. After the latter, Kerr took time out to talk to the huge audience. “There is not a single person here who understands how ridiculous it is for us to be up here. There are a lot of people. I’m gonna shit myself.” The singer then goaded the crowd to be louder, saying “It’s time to wake up and time to get drunk! That’s what I’m gonna do.”

As rain fell overhead and the crowd lit blue and green flares, the noise continued with ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ and ‘Loose Change’, after with Kerr prowled the lip of the stage licking his lips. Meanwhile, Thatcher stood on his drum stool for several minutes, sipping casually from a pint of lager. The band then launched into a prolonged ‘Out Of The Black’ during which Thatcher jumped down into the crowd, emerging with a flag draped over his shoulders. As he clambered back up, Kerr teased the riff from Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’, drawing huge cheers from the crowd. The performance reached a messy climax with both members bashing the cymbals and Kerr falling into the drumkit. After picking himself up, the bassist held his instrument aloft triumphantly before departing.