Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr celebrates two years of sobriety: “One day at a time”

Kerr has previously said that the decision has changed his "entire headspace"

Royal Blood‘s Mike Kerr has celebrated two years of sobriety in a new Instagram post.

The singer and bassist of the Brighton duo shared a photo of his sobriety coin to celebrate the landmark.

“Two years sober. One day at a time,” Kerr wrote. See the post below.


Kerr reflected on his journey towards sobriety in an interview with DIY last year. “I had to change one thing, and that was everything,” he said of his decision to get sober in February 2019. “I needed to be in a different headspace.”

“It’s had a huge effect,” he added of the decision. “My entire headspace has shifted; it’s changed my outlook, my relationships, the way I think about music, everything. I really feel like it’s helped me to access all of my brain, all of my potential.

“There were a lot of reasons for wanting to sort my shit out, but my songwriting has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of it. It’s why that festival run we did last year was huge; I had to prove to myself that I could do it sober. And I did it, and I was singing and playing better than ever, so I came away from that with genuine confidence. I didn’t feel like I needed to answer to anybody. So, that’s what had to change. My entire life!”

Royal Blood will release their third album, ‘Typhoons’, on April 30 via Warner. So far, the band have shared its title track and first single ‘Trouble’s Coming’.


Speaking to NME about ‘Typhoons’ last month, Kerr said: “I think everyone can get lost in their own mind, and they can have dark spells in their own mind. I’ve experienced them, you’ve experienced them, we all have.

“I wanted to write a song that recognised them but was also uplifting and empowering – knowing that if you are going through that, it will end at some point. It will pass.”

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