Royal Blood at the BRIT Awards 2018

Royal Blood talk to us about their next album and drinking tequila with Queens Of The Stone Age

Could they make a reggae record?

During a whirlwind year off the back of their acclaimed second album, Royal Blood returned to the UK from their US tour with Queens Of The Stone Ageto talk to us about their thoughts on their next record – and drinking tequila with Josh Homme. Watch our video interview with the band above.

We caught up with the rock duo on the red carpet of the BRIT Awards 2018, where they said despite the ‘enriching’ feeling of being nominated for Best British Band, they were far more interested in getting drunk tonight than the awards themselves.

Speaking of their tour with QOTSA, frontman Mike Kerr told NME: “It was sobering, in a way. They really looked after us, actually. We just hung out a lot. We went for dinner all the time together, and they’re just really nice people. We got to watch them play every night, and I feel like we’ve become a much better band because of it.”

But who can drink more tequila?

Simple: “Josh Homme.”

Royal Blood at the BRIT Awards 2018

Royal Blood at the BRIT Awards 2018

Asked about their plans for their next album, Kerr replied: “We’ve thought about it. We’re pretty busy at the moment. We’ve written a few bits, but we’re kind of still in the thrust of touring. Until that comes to an end, we won’t be embarking on much as of yet.

“We’re still living and breathing the one that’s out at the moment.”

As for the sound of the next record, Kerr said: “As long as it’s rock music, and it’s me and him smashing the shit out of some instruments and having a laugh, then it could be a reggae record for all that we care.

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