Listen to Royksopp’s first new song for two years

Duo make first one-off song following final album

Royksopp have released their first new song since their final album ‘The Inevitable End’ two years ago.

The duo said following the release of ‘The Inevitable End’ that they would carry on making one-off new songs when appropriate, and have now released new single ‘Never Ever’.

The song features Susanne Sundfor, who previously featured on the songs ‘Running To The Sea’ and ‘Save Me’ on ‘The Inevitable End’ and Royksopp’s cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Ice Machine’ from their ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation.


Royksopp’s Svein Berge said of ‘Never Ever’: ““The track has its own cosmos and its own place. The whole idea of us going away from the whole album concept was that we do have many musical expressions that we want to do.

Bandmate Torbjorn Brundtland added. “One of them might be a club track, but we don’t necessarily want to do an album of it. It’s that way with ‘Never Ever’ – we love it, but we don’t need 12 tracks like it.”

Royksopp play a DJ set at London club Bankside Vaults on November 25.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Royksopp’s debut album ‘Melody AM’, which featured the singles ‘Eple’, ‘Sparks’, ‘Remind Me’, ‘So Easy’ and a collaboration with Kings Of Convenience singer Erlend Oye on ‘Poor Leno’.