Röyksopp unveil ‘I Had This Thing’ video – watch

Video accompanies single from the Norwegian duo’s final album

Röyksopp have revealed the video for new song ‘I Had This Thing’. Watch it below.

The single, led by vocals from Jamie Irrepressible, comes from the electronic duo’s fifth and final album, ‘The Inevitable End’, out now via Dog Triumph Records. Its video, which follows a couple whose break-up coincides with the apocalypse, is directed by Roboshobo.

Röyksopp have also released a remix package for ‘I Had This Thing’ via Spotify. Listen below.

Meanwhile, Robyn recently revealed that her ‘Do It Again’ mini album, which was a collaboration with Royksopp, came about after a bout of depression.

“I was super-tired and kind of despressed and had started therapy,” said the Swedish singer to NME. “I really wanted to make music, and I had lots of ideas, but I didn’t want to force anything, or create a concept of what the next album was going to be; I just wanted to collaborate with people.”