Robyn teams up with Royksopp

The Norwegian electro duo stage spectacular show in London

Royksopp teamed up with Robyn last night (April 11) during a special performance at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

The Swedish singer made a surprise guest appearance for the electro duo’s forthcoming single ‘The Girl And The Robot’.

Robyn, who sings on the studio version of the song, was also joined by Anneli Drecker who provided backing vocals on the track.

Drecker featured on a slew of tracks from Royksopp‘s third album ‘Junior’ throughout the night including, ‘You Don’t Have A Clue’, ‘Vision One’ and ‘This Must Be It’.

The singer also made a number of extravagant costume changes one of which saw her don an owl mask and orange cape.

The Knife‘s Karin Dreijer Andersson, who earlier performed a series of tracks from her own debut solo album under her moniker ‘Fever Ray’, also sang guest vocals on ‘Tricky, Tricky’.

Royksopp played a series of familiar hits including their recent single ‘Happy Up Here’, which Tobjørn Brundtland introduced by telling the crowd: “This (song) makes us really happy and we hope you are happy too.”

The pair, also played their signature hit ‘Eple’ and ‘Poor Leno’ from their 2001 debut ‘Melody AM’ towards the end of the gig.

The show was part of The Ether Festival, which is now in its sixth year.

Royksopp played:

‘Royksopp Forever’
‘You Don’t Have A Clue’
‘Remind Me’
‘Royksopp’s Night Out’
‘Vision One’
‘Happy Up Here’
‘The Girl And The Robot’
‘What Else Is There?’
‘Alpha Male’
‘This Must Be It’
‘Tricky, Tricky’
‘Poor Leno’
‘Tremor Morning’