Rufus Wainwright working on ‘danceable’ new album with Mark Ronson

Wainwright says he 'looks 20 years younger' after sessions with singer/producer

Rufus Wainwright has announced he is working on a new album with Mark Ronson.

The pair hit the studio earlier this week, and Wainwright has said the songs are already sounding more “danceable” than his previous material.

“We’ve been in for three days, and I already look 20 years younger,” Wainwright told Rolling Stone.

“I have to start looking around for motorcycle outfits or something, I feel so damn cool.”

Speaking about his plans for a more dance-orientated album, Wainwright commented: “I just want to make something that you love, driving around in your car listening or losing your mind to on a dance floor. Something to serenade us through these very, very troubling times.”

The singer added that his infant daughter Viva is already informing his new material.

“There’s nothing like impressing a little girl – nothing quite as lovely, and sometimes nothing quite as difficult. I’ve written three songs about her already.”

Wainwright, who is gay and in a long term relationship with theatre producer Jorn Weisbrodt, fathered the child with Leonard Cohen’s daughter Lorca.

The Canadian singer’s last album, ‘All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu’, was released last year.

He is due to play a five-night residency at London’s Royal Opera House in July.