Rufus Wainwright pays tribute to his late mother Kate McGarrigle

Singer says her last years were 'fruitful'

Rufus Wainwright has paid tribute to his late mother Kate McGarrigle, who passed away on Monday (January 18).

The singer said that although his musician mother – who enjoyed success with her sister Anna, releasing ten albums as a duo – had battled cancer, she had still led a “fruitful” life to the end of her battle.

“When inevitably I read in the papers that my mother lost her battle with cancer, I am filled with an immense desire to add that this battle, though lost, was tremendously fruitful during these last three-and-a-half years of her life,” he explained.

“She witnessed her daughter’s marriage, the creation of my first opera [‘Prima Donna’, which debuted last year], the birth of her first grandchild Arcangelo, and gave the greatest performance of her life to a packed crowd at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Not to mention traveling to some of the world’s most incredible places with both my sister, her husband Brad, my boyfriend Jorn and myself.”

He added: “Yes, it was all too brief, but as I was saying to her sister Anna last night while sitting by her body after the struggle had ceased, there is never enough time and she, my amazing mother with whom everyone fell in love, went out there and bloody did it. I will miss you mother.”