Rufus Wainwright for ‘pared back’ new album

Singer/songwriter says he just needs piano and vocals

Rufus Wainwright has revealed that he plans to record a new pared-back album featuring just piano and vocals following the airing of his forthcoming opera, ‘Prima Donna’, next summer.

Wainwright told Billboard that the idea was a reaction to his recent epic work on the opera and last year’s ‘Release The Stars’ album.

“That the album will just be a solo piano/voice, just sitting in the studio alone and making it about the music,” he said. “After all that, it’s an opportunity to have this slight moment of intimacy with me – which I know everybody wants.”

‘Prima Donna’ is set to debut in Manchester on July 10. Wainwright admitted that he was nervous about how it will be received.

“I’m definitely putting it all out on the line here,” he said. “Because with opera, if it’s not good then it’s really bad. That’s sort of the sense I’m getting – it has to be pretty great or it’s a real drag to listen to.”

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