The star reckons 'Want Two' will "sound weird" if the Democrats win this year's US presidential election...

Rufus Wainwright plans to release the follow-up to 2003’s ‘WANT ONE’ before this autumn’s presidential elections otherwise the album will “sound weird”.

‘Want Two’ was originally meant to join ‘Want One’ as a double album but was broken into two volumes.

Rufus Wainwright told Rolling Stone: “My personal goal is to have it out before the presidential election. ‘Want One’ very much deals with my own personal battles, whereas ‘Want Two’ turns around and tries to tackle some of the earthly troubles that we’re in right now.”

He added: “And I’d hate for the Democrats to win the election… and then have that sound weird.”

Tracks such as ‘Little Sister’ and ‘Gay Messiah’ are already becoming part of the setlist on the star’s current North American tour and Rufus Wainwright added that ‘Want Two’ is more a darker album than its predecessor.

He said: “It’s a bit darker, a little more operatic.”

However, with work complete on ‘Want Two’, the singer is turning his hand to new projects.

“I’d love a huge tootsy radio hit,” he said. “So, I’m aiming to have that radio bomb on the record. I’m just trying to cover every single damn base.”

Despite the influences in his music, Rufus Wainwright is not rushing to write his first full-length opera. He joked: “I’m cornering the market. And soon will devour it. But that’s a slow and arduous process that I wouldn’t hold your breath for anytime soon.”