She's a well-known British singer - and she told a joke and everything...

Beth Orton joined Rufus Wainwright onstage in LONDON last night.

Wainwright was playing a one-off show at Camden’s Lock 17 venue to preview songs from his forthcoming album ‘Want Two’, when he was joined by the UK folk singer.

However, when they ran through folk standard ‘Do You Love An Apple?’, Beth Orton stumbled on the second verse and bemoaned: “I always fuck up, I just want to be professional!”

She then went against her reclusive image by telling a joke: ‘How many folk singers does it take to change a light bulb? Two. One to change it and one to sing about how good the old one was.”

The setlist was:

‘Agnus Dei’

‘Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk’

‘Pretty Things’


‘Gay Messiah’

‘I’m Not Ready’


‘Beauty Mark’

‘The Art Teacher’

‘Do You Love An Apple?’

‘Rebel Prince’


‘Homegrown Waltz’

‘Grey Gardens’

‘Dinner At Eight’