The singer-songwriter admits to being jealous of Buckley’s early success….

Rufus Wainwright has said how he spent three years being “jealous and resentful” of JEFF BUCKLEY but a chance encounter changed his mind and inspired new song ’MEMPHIS SKYLINE’.

’Memphis Skyline’ is one of the songs that features on Rufus Wainwright’s forthcoming album ’Want 2’, which is released in the UK next spring.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the singer explained how Buckley inspired the track.


He said: “I was really jealous of him and resentful of his success for a long time when I started out. So I began a couple-year-long hatred of Jeff Buckley.

“Years later, I actually met him in person and we hung out. This was after I had time to make my own record and have my own set of problems. I realised he was just a very, very delicate and sensitive and depressed guy who, if you blew on him, would crumble.

“I had a really lovely night hanging out with him. That night I realised just the futility of jealousy. And, of course, a month later he died. He would have been an amazing guy to sing with.”

The album is released in North America this week.