The bash is expected to take place on what would have been Jam Master Jay's 40th birthday...

A benefit concert to commemorate the late JAM MASTER JAY is being planned for January on what would have been his 40th birthday.

Tomorrow (October 30) marks the second anniversary of the Run-DMC DJ’s murder at his 24/7 studio in Queens, New York.

A number of his family and friends will gather in Queens tomorrow to remember Jay, real name Jason Mizell, reports MTV.


“Basically, we are doing fine,” said Jay’s mother Connie Mizell. “We thank God we are doing as well as we are. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say we miss Jason. We do miss him. Since I moved to North Carolina, it’s a little difficult without him, but we thank God.”

“Jason was a major supporter of what everybody did,” brother Marvin Thompson said. “Around the holiday season, it’s even harder.”

The legendary DJ’s murder is still no closer to being solved, but Mizell is still confident that the killer will be brought to justice.

“I’ve spoken to [the investigating detectives],” Mizell said. “They have informed me that the case is still open. The [24/7] studio is not a crime scene anymore, but the case itself is still open. [The police] hope justice will be done. I know justice will be done in God’s own time. He knows who did it, and that’s the best person to know because he’ll deal with them.”

“We don’t know the answers to anything,” Jones added. “I would rather they take the time and find the right person rather than quickly find the wrong person. I need to know exactly who did it. I need closure.”

One project the family is involved in is the a project to raise money for scholarship funds through the auction of a van which has now been signed by over 300 celebrities including Beastie Boys and Alicia Keys.


The family plan to hold the benefit concert on January 21. A memorial service is planned for tomorrow night at the Mt Olive Baptist Church in Hollis, Queens, starting at 7pm.

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