The tragedy-hit rap outfit mark their illustrious career...

Run-DMC are to release a ‘GREATEST HITS’ album in March.

The compilation will feature around 20 tracks including all the big hits – ‘My Adidas’‘, ‘Peter Piper’, ‘Walk This Way’, ‘It’s Tricky’ and ‘It’s Like That’, as well as two brand new remixes.

The tentative tracklisting runs: ‘It’s Like That’


‘Walk This Way’

‘Sucker MC‘s’


‘King Of Rock’

‘It‘s Tricky’

‘Can You Rock It Like This’


‘You Be Illin‘’

‘Rock Box’

‘Run’s House’

‘Peter Piper’

‘My Adidas’

‘Beats To The Rhyme’

‘Jam Master Jay’

‘Hard Times’

‘Down With The King’

‘Mary Mary’


‘It‘s Tricky – Jacknife Lee Remix’

‘Remix – TBC’

Run-DMC were hit by tragedy last year when founder member DJ Jam Master Jay was murdered in New York.

The star, real name Jason Mizell, was one of two men shot an the incident inside a studio in Queens, New York (October 30). He was shot in the head and died at the scene. Run-DMC announced they were to split shortly after.

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