The likes of P Diddy, Aerosmith and the Beastie Boys pay their respects to Jam Master Jay...

Tributes have been pouring in from friends and colleagues of murdered Run-DMC DJ JAM MASTER JAY, JASON MIZELL, in the wake of his fatal shooting at a recording studio in his native QUEENS district of NEW YORK on Wednesday night (October 30).

Bandmate DMC, Def Jam label founder Russell Simmons, and Public Enemy’s Chuck D were among the first to react yesterday to news of his death.

In a statement reported on, DMC (aka Darryl McDaniels) said: “He was family to me. We grew up together. We ate together. We slept together. We laughed together. We lived two-thirds of our lives together. He made every DJ not want to use a DAT machine. He stuck to the true essence of what a DJ in a hip-hop performance should be. The whole music industry has lost a great talent. I always thought we would be together forever. I will truly miss him.”

Def Jam founder Russell Simmons described Run-DMC’s work as “inspirational”. He said: “For nearly 20 years, Run-DMC has been the closest thing to gospel artists that the contemporary music community has had. They talked about God and their higher selves, the importance of staying away from drugs, and generally inspirational and uplifting subject matter. They represented everything good and positive about hip-hop.”

Crediting Jam Master Jay with being directly responsible for giving Public Enemy their start, having taking their demo to Rick Rubin at Def Jam, who then signed them to their first record deal, Chuck D said he was “deeply saddened as well as angered” over his death, and described it as a dark day for the hip-hop community. “I’m very, very deeply saddened as well as angered over the loss of a man who was both a hero and a close friend of mine. We were allies and friends, travelled the world together, shared our thoughts and good times, and watched each other’s children grow up. This is an immeasurable loss. Run-DMC are our Beatles. It is a very dark day for the hip-hop community.”

Aerosmith, whose flagging fortunes in the mid-80s were revived when Run-DMC reworked their track ‘Walk This Way’ to produce a Top Ten rap/rock crossover hit in 1986, one of Run-DMC’s highest-charting UK singles and the second-most played video in MTV’s history, acknowledged the hip-hop stars’ generosity in a statement.

“When we were down and out and in the depths, Jay and Run-DMC came along and said ‘Come play on our record.’

Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay’s gift to the world was a new kind of music for a whole new generation. Jay was scratching before anyone had the itch and was still at the top of his game when we played with him this summer [on tour]. We will hear him every night when we play ‘Walk This Way.’ “

And Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry told MTV news that they has been working together within the last few weeks. “We were just on the road with those guys, I don’t know, two or three weeks ago, and it was like yesterday I had my arms around him saying, ‘Wow, we gotta do this again sometime.’ I’m still in shock.”

The [/a]’ Adam Horovitz said they were “deeply, deeply saddened and devastated by the news.” The [a] toured with Run-DMC in the 80s on the Together Forever tour. “It’s a terrible loss. He was a wonderful person and a great friend. If Jam Master Jay and Run-DMC hadn’t looked out for us way back when, I don’t know where we’d be now.”

P Diddy added that it was “a great loss” and described Jam Master Jay as a pioneer. “He led the way for a whole new genre of talent. Not only was he a great artist, but he was a great man who will be deeply missed.”

Father-of-three Jay’s wife Terri Mizell thanked those who had lent their support, saying: “Jay’s tragic death has left all of us numb. We pray that the person or persons responsible for taking away the breath from this loving husband and wonderful father is captured and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Jason’s love, memory and music will continue to live on through all of us.”

According to CNN, police are still searching for suspects and a motive in the hunt for the 37-year-old’s murderer. Another man, 25-year-old Urieco Rinco, was shot in the leg in the attack, which happened at a recording studio at Merrick Boulevard, in the Queens district of New York, at 7.30pm on Wednesday. Jay died at the scene, while Rinco was taken to hospital for treatment.