Run reveals that the follow-up to the recent 'Crown Royal' will be with us shortly...

RUN-DMC have announced they intend to head back into the studio “immediately” to work on the follow-up to the long-delayed, recently released ‘CROWN ROYAL’.

Reverend Run from the hiphop veterans also compared the outfit to the Rolling Stones, claiming that though they might not need an album to be a runaway success on release, or even to appear to maintain their profile, they can exist and remain in the public eye through touring and live commitments.

Speaking to US website Wall Of Sound, Run said, “I think Run-DMC will be back in the recording studio immediately. Me and D are going to sit down and incorporate his style with mine and make an album with no collaboration.”


DMC only features on two of the tracks on ‘Crown Royal’, the follow-up to 1993’s ‘Down With The King’, and has been openly critical of the amount of collaborations on the record (which include Fred Durst, Third Eye Blind and Sugar Ray) – the number of which have led observers to dub it the hiphop version of Santana‘s collaboration-heavy comeback.

Run has said Run-DMC‘s problems were due to vocal problems from DMC.

“His voice changed on me out of nowhere and it was hard for me trying to accept it,” he said. “How am I going to do what I’m trying to do at that time, being competitive with the Jay-Zs and DMX, and pull D into this picture. And therefore we crashed… we can make a Run-DMC album in 2001.”

But, he said, an album wasn’t essential.

“Our album isn’t really needed for us. For the industry, maybe they need that, but it’s like the Rolling Stones. If they put out an album that doesn’t hit, it still doesn’t stop their touring ability.”

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