The stars join together with the intention of improving race relations...

Macy Gray, MARY J BLIGE, REVEREND RUN of RUN DMC and ERYKAH BADU are among the artists lined up to perform at the MILLION FAMILY MARCH in the US on October 16.

The event, which is being held on the fifth anniversary of the celebrated Million Man March – aimed at improving race relations in the States – takes place in Washington DC.

It is organised by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and its supporters include Will Smith and his wife actress Jada Pinkett, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Sean “Puffy” Combs and Queen Latifah.

In addition, a series of public service broadcasts are to be fronted by DMX, Isaac Hayes, Jay Z, D’Angelo, Snoop Dog, Dead Prez, Badu, Gray and Blige to “further promote the spirit of the march and encourage attendance,” according to Russell Simmons, founder of US website [url=]

He added: “I believe this march will have a dramatic effect on race relations. It’s a march about the human family, rising above colour and religion, symbols, and creed.”